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Good mask = Everything.  Spend $$ on that.
Have a back up mask and machine.  
A full face mask works with a cold!
 Change mask/mask cushion every 6 Months
Change your filters EVERY MONTH!!


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About us.....
Since 1999 we have been dedicated to selling CPAP equipment online, and at our local stores in the Riverside / San Bernardino County areas.  We have customers that drive all the way from San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura County, even as far as Bakersfield!   Our prices and great service make it worth the trip!!..  Our owner is also a CPAP user and has found a great way to save people money on their new or used CPAP machines or supplies.
From our humble beginnings of selling machines on auction sites, Express CPAP Supply was created and soon became a huge player in the internet marketplace.  We then took our store to a new level and opened up a local retail CPAP supply store.  We are at our third location now, ever growing in size and customer set ups.     
We search hard to offer the best possible prices on sleep apnea equipment.   Many many of our items are well below our competitors prices, because we either purchased in bulk, or found outstanding deals.  Our website offers many easy to navigate menu choices to reduce confusion and "getting lost" in lengthy item lists.  
Whether it is a $20 order or a $1200 order, we will take the time on the phone with you to help you find the best solution to your exact needs.    
We are different from the other CPAP websites, as we really do care about you, your sleep apnea, and the quality of new or used CPAP machine that we deliver to your door.  If you are in the Corona, California area, or anywhere in Southern California, stop by and see us.   We have many prices in our walk in store that are very different from the website.  That is because some of the Manufacturers dictate how we list them online.    For your very best price, give us a call or stop in.

What is a CPAP Machine?
A CPAP machine is a respiratory device that eliminates the effects of sleep apnea during sleep.  Apnea is Greek for "without breath".   This is better known as loss of breathing during sleep.  The airway becomes restricted due to the collapse of soft tissues in the throat.  The loss of oxygen in the bloodstream causes the brain to respond by a gasp for air, that awakens the body from the sleep cycle.  Repeated events like this cause daytime fatigue and is a contributing factor to many health problems like high blood pressure, impotence, drug/alcohol dependence, heart failure, and even death.  Going untreated, a sleep apnea patient can lose the quality of life in 6 months or less.  A CPAP machine is a simple solution that uses an air flow generator, that forces the airway of the patient to stay open, so breathing can occur.  Normal breathing can only happen when the airway is un-obstructed.  A CPAP machine provides air pressure through a hose and mask system to keep the airway open and allow the normal sleep cycles to occur.  APAP and BiPAP (also called VPAP) do the same thing, just on a more advanced level, and with more features.

CPAP therapy is used for OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), central sleep apnea, and combined sleep apnea.  A doctor will determine which CPAP variation is right for each individual patient.  An automatic titrating CPAP machine (APAP or AutoPAP) can be used to treat those who have sleep apnea and pressures that change from hour to hour or minute to minute.   A bi-level machine (BIPAP) can be used to treat severe sleep apnea patients.  A BIPAP has a different pressure output for inhalation and exhalation.  Severe CPAP patients need this type of technology to be able to exhale under higher pressure settings.  A new BIPAP machine costs about $1200 or more where a standard CPAP machine costs about $250.  An
CPAP machines usually include the following:    
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine,
6 foot hose or tubing to deliver the air to the CPAP mask,
Power cord that connects the CPAP unit to a power source
Filter or filter(s) to protect the CPAP unit and user from dust, pollen, and other airborne particles.  (Most CPAP machines have washable foam style filters with an option to add disposable ultra-fine filters. These are designed to remove the smallest particles and should be changed out monthly).
Most CPAP systems come with a travel bag.

CPAP masks are usually sold separately than machines due to variations of size and options. 
CPAP masks are offered in many different styles.  Nasal masks cover the nose only, whereas a nasal pillow style CPAP mask delivers the air through small "cone shaped" pillows that rest on the edge of the nostrils.  A full face CPAP mask allows the user to breathe from the nose or the mouth.  These masks are often prescribed for patients who have problems keeping the mouth closed.
Other CPAP related accessories include humidifiers, heated humidifiers, special length tubing, 12 volt power cords, power inverters, fleece tubing covers, chin straps, hose management systems, and replacement items such as mask parts, headgear, filters, and humidifier chambers. 

Donate your used cpap machine today. 
Donate your working used CPAP machine and we will offer it to people that cannot afford to purchase a needed machine.   We will test clean and sanitize your machine and offer it for free or a low fee for those in need.  Together we can all make a difference!  Click here for more info.
Customer Feedback

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Comments: I just wanted to write and thank you for helping us choose the right auto cpap machine for my husband.. He has been using 
his machine faithfully now for the past year ( nearly) and it has changed the way he sleeps drastically.. He awakens refreshed and 
has gotten the best sleep in years.. all of his apnea symptoms upon riseing in the morning are gone.. His doctor has been pleased and 
we are all happy he is doing better... THANKS again for helping me save his life... 


Thanks for the info. I pressed a button on the front of the machine and the number 8 came up in the window, so that should be the setting. The Solo LX we have has worked great. We recently bought a second home in hopes to retire in a few years and wanted to have a second machine to leave there instead of having to take one back and forth. Plus the machine we have shows over 30,000 hours so wanted to have a back up. We will probably get another from you in a few months. Thanks again-D & J  Pattison

Comments: Great web site!!. It is very easy to understand and use. The service was fantastic explaining all of the info with me and made very good suggestions.
Great organization-that's from someone who has managed thousands of people and whose son is an IT director for a large trucking company. 
Good luck and warmest regards,
Ray C

Thanks again, I have done business with your company before and will continue to do so because of outstanding customer service like this.
Jeff B.

Comments: Don't know if this is the right place to do this, but thanks for all the help today. You made the whole experience seem very easy and made my day when you managed to save me quite a bit of money. You are very easy to talk to, work with and are a true asset to your organization.
V. Hudak

I am glad I found your new store!  I was worried there for a minute that you guys closed your doors forever.  (We are in the same complex, just two buildings to the back.  130 Industrial way , unit B, Corona 92882)  Thank you for giving me the best service and the best prices!   I will forever be your customer.   Stacy M.


Get your quality cpap supplies online, over the phone, or come in to our store.   We work hard to keep our prices low, and we show you that we want your business, now and in the future, and we appreciate referrals.   We have a little something extra for you when you refer a new customer to us.    Thanks to the thousands of happy customers we have helped!   

Express CPAP Supply is located in the City of Corona, which is in the heart of Southern California, in the  "Inland Empire" area.   Inland Empire is the area to the East of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  It includes the Western area of San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.     Some of the cities located near our store are; Apple Valley - Lucerne - Riverside - San Bernardino - Victorville - Hesperia - Fontana - Temecula - Redlands - Big Bear Lake - Arrowbear Lake - Lake Arrowhead - Crestline - Ontario - Corona - Helendale - Phelan - Adelanto - Pinon Hills - Moreno Valley - Chino - Inland Empire - Lake Elsinore - Highland - Upland - Sun City - Rancho Cucamonga - Rialto - Pomona - Perris - Norco - Loma Linda - Barstow - Ridgecrest - Oro Grande - Hinkley - Newberry Springs - Yermo - Baker - Yucca Valley - Joshua Tree - Twentynine Palms - Palm Springs - Morongo Valley - Landers - Desert Hot Springs - Hodge - Lake Los Angeles, Barstow, Orange County, Hi Desert, Victor Valley, Spring Valley Lake, Silver Lakes, Helendale, Riverside, Palmdale, Lancaster, Pinon Hills, Oak Hills, Summit Valley, LA, OC, IE, High desert.   We are only 30 mins from LAX and John Wayne Airports.   San Diego is a pleasant 1.5 hour drive.  

Don't be afraid to call us when you have a cpap emergency.   We will meet you at our store or do what we can to get you replacement CPAP equipment as soon as possible.   We are here for you.  Every day of the year! 

YouNeedSleep.com is your discount sleep apnea equipment dealer.   We take care of you, quickly and efficently.  No red tape here..  We got you!

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Express CPAP Supply  is located at 130 Industrial Way, Unit B. Corona, CA 92882
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1514  Corona, CA 92878
951-663-2120  -  951-808-0616 - Fax
sales@youneedsleep.com - E-Mail

We ship most of our orders in 2-5 days.  

Our local CPAP supply business is open Monday thru Friday 10am-4pm or by appt...    Evenings and weekends by appointment.   We offer 24 hour emergency response if needed. See our contact page for emergency phone number.    

Think about back up cpap equipment.   Seems like they always break down on the friday before a holiday weekend.   It is nice to have a spare in the nightstand instead of gasping for air waiting for new replacement c-pap equipment.