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Selling your CPAP Machine

If your CPAP machine has more than 1000 hours and is not the current version, it is probably worth about  $50.  If it has less than 1000 hours, it could be worth $75-125.  We are interested in buying a few of those from non smoking homes ONLY.  Sometimes we buy new or like new Autos, and Bipap SV on occasion)  We are interested in buying new ResMed masks, must be sealed in the package.  If you have any sealed package ResMed Softgel, Activa LT, Quattro FX, Quattro, Swift FX/FX-HER/BELLA, please call us and we will make arrangements to buy those right away if possible. (951-663-2120)


If you would like to sell your Used CPAP machine, we need some specific detais before we can make you an offer.   We ask that you read and understand this page. 
Please do not use statements like "It has only been used it a few times."   This almost always turns out to be false.

What is needed BEFORE you ask for the value of your equipment 
  • Please fill out the form below. (Please do not use the form on the contact page, as it is more for regular questions, and we need specific details)  Make sure you include ALL of the items below.
  • Please take the time to find out what machine you have, (Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number, Serial Number, EXACT Hours that are displayed on the meter "some showe both the blower hours and the user hours.  Send both if you can"  ["A Few Weeks, A few days, Couldn't use it", etc are not actual hours]
  • Important!  If your CPAP is connected to a Heated Humidifier, Please separate the Humidifier from the cpap (by removing the chamber first to not get water into the CPAP), and give us model and serial numbers of that separately from the CPAP.   If you have a Respironics M-Series, you may not know that the CPAP is a separate device.  See illustrations below. The Model of the Humidifier is important as well, as some have changed.   (ResMed has an S8 with either H3I or H4I)  (M-Series has 3 variations, 12V and 120V as well as rectangle ports or round ports...
  • CPAP machines don't have a serial number starting with "H".  If you think your's does, you are looking at the humidifier!
  • Include ALL of your contact information.   We have received machines in the mail without a note before.  
  • We are NOT interested in the following:  Used or out of a sealed package Tubing,Filters, Masks, Headgear, Paperwork from your clinic or trash that is left over in your bag.  Before you ship or bring anything to our store, please clean them with Anti-Microbial soft soap and warm water.  (no pet hair, clogged dirty filters, oily masks, etc)   Thank You!
  • Here is a list of what you should offer us for sale, and deliver.   A CPAP / AutoPAP / BIPAP machine that has been cleaned.   A travel bag that has been emptied and shaken to remove debris.   A Heated Humidifer (if avail) with the chamber, only if the chamber is in great condition (Little or no hard water deposits). The power cord(s) and the User Manual(s).   Mask systems that are sealed by the manufacturer can also be listed, however we pay very little for them.  Again, even if you have items(filters, masks, etc that have not been used, but are open, we don't want them.
Requests with missing information will be sent a reply with this page link on it for clarification.   

What is my CPAP worth? 
  • Blower Hours are the single most important consideration, next to it actually working.   The average life span is 6000-10,000 hours. We prefer machines that have less than 1000 hours, but may consider others, under 3000 hours.  Any equipment can be donated to our "Donation Program" where we offer equipment to patients who get a note from their Physician stating medical and financial necessity.  We then only charge them a small fee for cleaning and postage. 
  • What make, model, and series is it?  "RemStar"  and similar names do not give enough information.  RemStar variations have been out for about 20 years.  The series is also important.  S6,S7, S8, S9, etc.  Resprionics is the toughest, as they have many that show the same title.  A picture of the unit really helps us determine the series.     Current Series models are always worth more.  The S8, M-Series, etc are no longer being made and may not be supported by the manufacturers.  The warranty may be expired as well.   Machines previous to those are definately worth much less, even with low hours because they often are bigger/heavier/louder.
  • The model in the series makes a difference in value.   An M-series "Remstar" is worth less than the "Plus, Pro, Auto, Bipap, etc.  
  • Please do not compare to "new" systems when determining what your's may be worth.    Some manufacturers have imposed "Minimum Internet Advertising Price" on items that are listed online.   An item may sell for a very different amount when sold by phone, email, and in a walk in store.  These policies did not effect our cost, but it effects how we list them and sell via a website. [A non-specific example would be:  ACME Standard Nasal Mask.  $59 before the policy, $139 after.    We can still sell it for $59, you just have to ask.  Therefore, if you are trying to sell us an ACME for $100...   It may be new, but we get them new for $45]
  • Since we sell new CPAP machines for about $200 or less, a used CPAP is worth much less (Add to that our cost of profit, cleaning, testing, listing it online, advertising, shipping, etc).  A typical offer is $50-75 for pristine low-hour CPAP machines.  We need to make about the same or it is not worth our time. 
  • "We paid $1500 for our CPAP"   All we can say is sorry.  Companies like Apria, Lincare, etc. have to charge the "Medicare Reimbursement Rate" for equipment, regardless of insurance, cash payment, etc.   We refrence it to getting a bill for a $10 Ibruprofin when seen the hospital.  Yes it is rediculous, yes that is why we save people money.   
  • Please note that at least one manufacturer does not allow their products to be sold or advertised  as "used" online.  More than one manufacturer does not allow their products to be sold outside of the USA.  That being said, an item may not be valued as high as another due to restrictions on where and how we can sell them.

What happens next?

We will review your request and reply.  We will try to answer within 2 or 3 business days.    Stock on hand determines need.   

If you accept our offer, or if we request that we inspect the unit, you will need to ship it to us at your expense.   Package it up so that it does not get damaged in transit.  We are not responsible for damage, insurance is recommended.
Express CPAP Supply  1471 Pomona Rd Unit H.  Corona, CA 92882

Payment will be made by business check or PayPal.  Allow processing time.  If we don't accept the condition, or if it is not what was described, we will ship it back to you.  Again, we are not responsible for damage during Transit. 
Respironics M-Series
DS models  100, 200, 400, 500, 510, 600, 700  (Remstar M, Plus, Pro, Auto Cflex, Auto Aflex, BIPAP, BiPAP Auto)

A CPAP detached from a humidifier requires a hose adapter.           M Series M Series with Humidifier   Humidifier alone

PR System One (shown with Humidifier)
 PR System One without humidifier          Humidifier 

 Similar numbering system is used for these.  DS ###

 Examples of ResMed machines.  

 S6                                  S7

 S8                        S9 SHOWING HUMID ON RIGHT

Typical model names..  (Compact, Escape, Elite, Autoset, VPAP)

 "Legacy" series refers to older models that came out before the M-Series.  The humidifier on these was out in front of the machine.

Request for Quote for Selling my CPAP Equipment

Exact hours not "Guessed"
Cleaned my CPAP and bag
Threw away hose
Threw away used filter(s)
Emptied water chamber
Separated CPAP from Humidifier
Put copy of email in box for shipment.
* indicates a required field
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